My name is The-Vinh VO, administratively Võ Thế Vinh, sometimes known as voldedore/omo/vtvinh.

One of ‘unknown’ proponents of (both online and offline) privacy. I’m likewise interested in cybersecurity, cultures and discovery of how-things-work.

People around like to call me a “geek” which I don’t like being called because one of my childhood dreams is to be a stand-up comedian, later I unintentionally discovered my weird sense of humour so I tried to be a pilot. Not long later, with my not good enough physical condition, I didn’t manage to become a pilot but a software developer. God clearly has a plan for my life.

I maintain this blog mainly for load sharing with my brain, or to not forget something I’ve done (hobbies or professionally) since we are all spontaneously struggling with this hasty non-stop world.

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